Franklin Mint
has been granted full United States "citizenship"
for their donation to Republican causes.
America thanks you, Franklin Mint

The Franklin Mint is how the U.S. Mint would be if it ran like a business!

The Franklin Mint is known for creating some of America's best and most valuable keepsakes and heirlooms.

In May, 2007, Franklin struck 40,000 coins featuring a character from a movie, which pissed Nancy Pelosi off so much that she immediately crafted legislation to make capitalism a crime.

Don't hate the player, hate the game, Nancy.

Classic Franklin Mint ProductsEdit

  • Dale Earnhardt Commemorative Dinnerware
  • Star Trek Next Generation Plates
  • Slot machine tokens
  • Civil War Chess Set

Other Promotional Items Minted by Franklin Mint and the Corporations They Celebrate!Edit

"Franklin Mint"
is one of's game-like activities
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