God Touching Adam
"Francisco Marroquin University"
you have been touched in a very special way.

Francisco Marroquin University
Location: Guatemala City,Guatemala
Type of School: University
Annual Tuition: US$8,000; may fluctuate according to stock prices
Mascot: a Randian heroine taking off her clothes
School Colors: red (the patriotic kind)
School Song: What song??
Student Population: 2,700, but we want more!
Fun Fact # 1: Located somewhere
Fun Fact # 2: No more fun facts

Francisco Marroquin University is by far the world's greatest example of American laissez-faire capitalism ever! Located in America, Jr., Francisco U precisely upholds every single tenet of Ayn Rand's economic policies.

History and OriginEdit

Welcome to Guatemala's Libertarian U. Ayau opened the college in 1972, fed up with what he viewed as the "socialist" instruction being imparted at San Carlos University of Guatemala, the nation's largest institution of higher learning. He named the new school for a colonial-era priest who worked to liberate native Guatemalans from exploitation by Spanish overlords.

Ayau believed universities should stay out of politics and "place themselves beyond the conflicts of their time." Easier said than done, considering that at the time, Guatemala was under military rule and in the midst of a civil war.

Francisco U TodayEdit

Enrollment is now at 2,700, and the university offers 18 degree programs, including journalism, architecture and medicine, on a campus.

Schools and DegreesEdit

What were you talking about again?

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