Hello, Kitty
Hello, Fortune Cookie
Asian and very good at math.
"Fortune Cookie"
was proudly Made In China™.
Thank you for your patronage.

Looks like Germany just got served by a cookie.

"Oh! Rook, paper!

Fortune cookies are a primative device invented by the Chinese to send secret messages to other countries like Germany and Atlantis without being discovered.

Modern fortune cookies are still made with little messages inside. But now the message is meant to distract people from what they are actually eating in the Chinese restaurant, allowing the chefs to serve you exotic animals like platypus without you knowing.

Stephen strongly discourages the use of fortune cookies ever since one of them told him he would see a bear on his way home. He was forced to camp out in the restaurant that night, and in the morning his back was sore, and it made it very uncomfortable for him to do his daily routine.

Sample MessagesEdit

  • "You will find love beyond your own hand!"
  • "Lucky numbers: 33, 47, 512, 2,000, 4.5million"

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