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Fort Sumter
is one of the ways God Blessed America.


What Is Fort Sumter?Edit

a fort on an artificial island in the Charleston Harbour

How Was Fort Sumter Created?Edit

it was created by them buildimg it up, and took a long time, because the consruction started in 1829 and was not finished for the war in 1861.

Fort Sumter Fun FactsEdit

  • First battle of Civil War
  • Lasted 34 hours
  • Called the "Bloodless War" because nobody died
  • Confederate commander- Beauregard, Union commander- Anderson
  • Man-made island in Charleston Harbor, located in South Carolina
  • Shaped like a pentagon, which means it has 5 sides
  • The bombardment of Fort Sumter took place April 12th and April 13th in 1861.

South Carolina

How Can Americans Enjoy Fort Sumter?Edit

Fort Sumter Fun FactsEdit

Only 1 man died, which was after the battle due to a premature cannon explosion part of the 100-gun salute to the American flag

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