"Food wars"
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A Food War occurs when two or more nations get really silly in the cafeteria, and start throwing food at each other. (When this occurs between individuals, this is merely a food fight, not a Food War.) The principal of the UN usually punishes the nations involved when the whole thing is over. Most agree, however, that the fun of throwing food at a rival power makes the whole international event worthwhile.

Famous Food WarsEdit

Name Winner Loser All You Need To Know
Trojan Food War Greece Troy Greeks won by filling wooden horse with gyros
American Food Revolution America England English surprised by American use of "flavor"
Mexican-American Food War America Mexico When you throw a taco, all the meat comes out
World Food War I Allies Central Powers Germans ran out of sausage, surrendered
World Food War II Allies Axis Sushi easy to throw, but no match for devastating A-Pie
Fry War Freedom France Freedom fries produce their own ketchup

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