The Baby Satan has a special place in hell for
Fluffy Bunnies
and YOU just for visiting this internets tube!
People Who Are in Cults

There is a secret war being waged between demoncratic, vegetarian, tree-hugging, Bear-loving Wiccans and a technologically advanced species of Fluffy Bunnies, also known as devilbunnies who can lull Witches with radiated cuteness, measured in "cutons". Fluffy Bunnies (or Devilbunnies) are really ONE BOOK Americans who wear pentacles and consider commodities a delicacy. In the internets web forum setting, they frequently convert Wiccans to spam.

While Fluffy Bunnies (or devilbunnies) are equipped with lethally sharp claws and fangs, this war is just as often fought by means of social engineering. In the world of Social networking sites, bunny propaganda has been blamed for the appearance of many icons of cuteness - including, but not limited to, Stephen Colbert, Silver Ravenwolf, Harry Potter, and Teletubbies. A popular entertainment among Fluffy Bunny writers is to use real-world news articles as a starting point for conspiracy theory stories set in the world of Baby Satan.

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