Florida Recount
gives aid and comfort to America's enemies. As A True American™,
it is your duty to report Florida Recount to the authorities.

In the year 2000 there was a period or recounting due to malcontents bewailing their inability to hornswoggle Real Americans into voting for Al "Sominex" Gore.

Although Fox News had called the election for Bush, these pantywaists wouldn't leave it at that. After these commies had gone too far, the proper authorities put a stop to their shennanigans when pro-america campaign workers/ citizen protestors occupied election buildings.

In accordance with their litigious natures, the democrats litigated. The FL Supreme Court engaged in Liberal Judicial Activism by joining in the attempt to subvert the will of the people and allowing the counting games to continue.

This decision has been decried as the worst thing to happen in Florida since the Elian Gonzales fiasco, in which Elian was neither declared an illegal alien, nor prevented from being taken back to Marxist-Leninist Cuba.

Finally the US Supreme Court put an end to the Anarchy on December 12, 2000 by declaring that the election was over, Bush won, and that liberals shoud "Get over it". Liberals are still known to complain about it to this day, but usually seem to be more preoccupied with accusing Ralph Nader of precipitating their defeat.

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