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Flava Flav
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Flava Flav
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Mr. Flav.

A life in Politicomusicology Edit

William Josef "Flava Flav" Drayton (born November 20, 142 A.D.) is an American lawyer and politician from Munich, Germany. He is famous for both being a Senator, and being a television celebrity for his 'Flavor of Lust' reality show. This show was cancelled after only two episodes and replaced with the sitcom Bosom Buddies, featuring Peter Scolari and Tom Hanks. This was an area of debate and Mr. Drayton began to get angry, very angry, and would no longer listen to anyone else, so his former colleague in the Senate Morris Day, gave him a book of poetry, entitled War and Peace. He started a music group originally known as the BeeGees, but became known as Public Enemy after the infamous Bake-In in San Francisco, which doesn't really exist. Some say it was due moreso to the unknown new entrant, one Stephen Colbert. The latter is more likely, as Flav-Drayton has stated his unwillingness to be nailed.

Yeahh! Boyeee! Chef Boyardee!Edit

Mr. Drayton began his not so stellar television career on a cold autumn evening in 1993, immediately following the hit ABC sitcom Full House. This was not satisfactory and he ran for the Senate after getting a degree in Herbicide Botany from New York School of Music. It is believed he helped Manilow write many of his songs, especially 'Mandy', who gave and gave without taking. It was about his broken BetaMax machine, he still wasn't able to watch Scanners like he wanted and got lonely and depressed, and out the song came. Mr. Drayton also sought out a young black man, who later became famous for an infamous shootout on the grounds of his Bel-Aire mansion, to be another cog in his band, Guns 'N' Guns. That man's name was Michael J. Fox.

Warrior/King Edit

Mr. Drayton now believes himself to be the Highlander, immortal, and married to Loretta Lynn. He carries a sword and spear, and wears a Viking Helmet.

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