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Flat Tax
brings Wealth and Prosperity to Americans and
The Free Market
America thanks you, Flat Tax

Flat Tax is a Free Market ideal invented by Jesus when around the same time he talked to all those tax collectors. Basically, it says that whether you make $12,000 or $1,000,000 a year, you pay the same amount on your taxes.

No, it doesn't favor the wealthy. It helps poor people's self esteem to know they pay the same amount the rich people do. And after all, rich people work hard to make their money, so they should keep most of it. With all this and it's efficiency, its easy to see why only hippies and liberals will tell you it's a bad idea.

Origin & HistoryEdit

How It Upholds The America And Capitalism Of JesusEdit

It's Eventual SuccessEdit

Communists Who Fought ItEdit

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