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Flat Dad 1

The War is just helping to provide the boy with a life lesson: Give a boy a push on a swing, he says wheee! and bonds with his father for the day. Teach a boy to swing on his own, he says wheee! for the rest of his life whether his father is a paraplegic because of an I.E.D. or even alive.

Flat Daddies[1][2] are cardboard cutouts (sometimes posters), from the waist up, of soldiers deployed in Iraq. The Army has graciously taken the initiative and has provided some of the families who have loved ones serving in Iraq with likenesses of that person to remind them that the soldier is not physically there, but overseas in a foreign land, fighting in a civil war fighting for the Iraqi Freedom Opportunity.

Some people, mostly those against families (gays, liberals, commies, atheists, et al), have criticized the initiative for being "creepy" and "weird." What they don't seem to realize is that interacting with a life sized cardboard cutout of the person you love, who happens to be in the military and also happens to be stationed in Iraq, is a completely normal thing and isn't providing a false sense of security or misplaced affection.

Other Uses Edit

Flat Sky Dad

This is the mockup that has been approved by every priest and the final version will probably look similar.

It should be noted that interacting with inanimate objects that bear a human likeness isn't a new practice. Christians have been doing this for over a millenia by going to church so that they could visit Jesus on his cross and many even have a miniature Jesus with them at all times that can be used as a God communicator to better facilitate the prayer process. If the Flat Daddies soldier series does well, the Catholic church may roll out a "Flat Sky Daddy" series to maintain a better connection with their constituents when they're out of church.

Kids + "Flat Dads" = Good Times Edit

Flat Dad 2

OK kids, time to take a picture with Dad!
What's that Sharon? No, I've never heard the word ironic, let alone the phrase tragic irony.

Flat Dad 5

Just as fulfilling as the real thing.

Flat Dad 6

Human warmth and companionship is for losers and today, this little girl is a winner.

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