The Five neck guitar is a guitar made popular by Stephen Colbert when he faced Chris Funk in a guitar solo battle. In the battle Stephen was about to unleash hell when he cut his finger(s) playing the first notes of his legendary theme song. We then saw peter frampton play guitar on behalf of Stephen Colbert, who in the end won.

The Features of the 5 neck Guitar Edit


That baby still doesnt meet the standards of stephens ability

The five neck guitar has fire cracker launchers at the end of each neck. The guitar also has multiple output jacks so amps can be assembled every where, and people's ears will bleed. Stephen of coarse was down grading to the five neck from his usual 14 neck guitar, 2 neck violin, 1 neck bass and 1 neck that is a 20 string guitar. It is told that Stephen was offered the job to play in David lee Roths band in the 80's but turned it town becuase he was currently working on his album Symphony's of the inferno recording with his amazing guitar. DLR had to settle for average Guitarist Steve Vai who played a wimpy 3 neck guitar.

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