Fiscal Conservatism
is righteous and true
God Bless America

Fiscal Conservatism are conservative with big guts. Why do they have such huge gut? It is because they believe in cutting the spending and shrinking the bureaucracy.

Taxation Edit

This may not make any sense to those who don't use righteous logic. They will ask: How could cutting the very bureaucracy those Fiscal Conservative elected to would not also cut down their gut size? It is becuase government spending comes from tax payers. So, cutting spending and shrinking bureaucracy means cutting taxes. The tax payers hold on to more of their wealth. Furthermore, the more wealth a person begins with the wealth a person can hold onto. This is why, fiscal conservatives have big gut.

Deregulation Edit

Fiscal Conservative also believe that a deregulated market economy is righteous and beneficial to everyone. With less rules on the economy, more economic activity will take place and the size of the economy will grow. Those fiscal conservative who make those deregulation are often in a good place to know when and where the economy will grow. Once they position themselves there, the growth of the economy will bring them great fortune. This in turn increase the size of their gut.

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