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Stephen Colbert commercial (Before they were stars)00:31

Stephen Colbert commercial (Before they were stars)

FirsTear FirsTier Bank: Heavily investing in the housing market since 2003.

FirsTier Bank is a very successful commercial bank and is predicted to become very profitable in 2008 2010.

Update: FirsTier Bank is no more, if you want your money back contact the FDIC.


Stephen ColbertEdit

Wikiality article from the 2003 archives:

In 2003, a very young Stephen Colbert became a spokesman for FirsTier Bank, they are a very successful commercial bank with a very successful financial future. Since 2003 they have been making a killing in the Real State market as well as heavily investing in the derivatives market.

Many financial pundits have predicted that any bank that isn't involved in the growing housing market will regret it forever, after all they are predicting that 2008 will be a great year for many investment banks. It is believed that FirstTier Bank is one of the first to receive the coveted Colbert bump.

Of course, Colbert was told he wont be paid in cash for his work, instead he would be paid in future stocks that will mature in 2008. With such a promising financial future, FirsTier Bank assets will multiply one hundred times over, when Colbert cashes in his bank stocks in 2010 he will be a wealthy man...

Update: There is no truth that Stephen Colbert turn himself into a criminal in Law and Order to pay off his debt.

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