If you work hard, you'll get ahead as a

A fireman is a job only a man of a Wimona can do. That's why man is in the name. Firemen put out fires and ride trucks. Firemen like dogs and have neat hats.


A typical fireman stroking his precious hose...

Who Can Become A Fireman?Edit

  • Men
  • Sorry Ladies

What Education Does A Fireman Need?Edit

  • must be able to identify a fire
  • must be able to identify water
  • Not much else

What Does A Fireman Do?Edit

  • They hose things off with their hoses. These things could be anything. Houses, cars, buildings, women, black people in Alabama...

What Special Equipment Do Firemen Need?Edit

  • a firetruck
  • a fireproof uniform
  • A hose. The longer, the better...
  • one of those poles to slide down between floors
  • They also keep it M O B ALL DAY EVERYDAY

Where Do Firemen Work?Edit

  • Wherever there's a fire.

How Much Money Do Firemen Make?Edit

On or off the job?

Are Firemen Socialist?Edit

Are Firemen Communist/un-american/Sekret Mooslims?Edit

The New Free Market FirefightersEdit

Finally! Putting out fires to save your material wealth is not a right, is a privilege

Thanks to the Republican Party we shall soon have Free Market driven firefighters in all 55 States!

As always, the liburals hate this idea.


External TubesEdit

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