Is an essential component of's Internets Tube for Nerds
Al Franken
Firefox has earned

Firefox is the web browser created by Mozilla in order to combat the Great America corporation Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The project is open-source, which means that every geek, bum, or teenager with too much time on his hands can get a piece of the programming action, which is against God's Plan for America.

As well as being the symbol of Internet-based freedom and hippies, Firefox has also been endorsed by the magnificent Stephen Colbert. Thanks to Firefox, liberals can download porn just that much faster.

Firefox-Specific Features Edit


Forget Netscape! What are you waiting for? Get Firefox now!!

  • Completely free, helping the free market
  • Developed by people that care about the Internet, and The Baby Jesus
  • Recommended by the Department of Homeland Security, so it will be easier to track people likely to be smokin' weed
  • The first browser to have tabs!

Things Firefox Cannot Yet Do Edit

  • Leech off your computer
  • Be dangerously attached to your Windows computer. (Addons allow this feature.)
  • Be lethal to open and use
  • Ensure anyone can share your wifi

Pictures of Firefox Edit

Firefox 1

Firefox in its natural habitat.

Firefox 2
Firefox, as advertised in a field by aliens.

Firefox 3
Wow. Firefox can be sexy too.

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