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The Greatest President fired United States Prosecutors for a litany of reasons, whenever he saw fit to get all Decider on their asses.

Even though the Patriot Act allowed The Commander In Chief to appoint basically anyone whom in his infinite and impartial wisdom dictates, these positions obviously went to the best possible crony candidate.

Now that Barack Hussein Obama has seized power, however, every firing of an innocent and entirely capable attorney will be held to the righteous, totally un-racist scrutiny of Fox News.

"Do Nothing" Fired Prosecutors Edit


You're Fired! You Fat, No Talent Loser!

Important Notice Edit

None of these Prosecutors were instructed by The Republican Party to deliver indictments which would have helped The Republicans during the 2006 State Elections.

None of these Prosecutors were involved with the indictment and subsequant prosecution of Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

Historical FootnotesEdit

The largest number of Federal Prosecutors fired in a single year is three. The Republican Party has been involved in firing eight Prosecitors in less than 2 months, for issues associated with job performance and misconduct. It is simply reduction in government at work for its citizens, and has absolutely nothing to do with politics in any way.

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