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Filesharing is a gateway crime where people illegally share files that they should otherwise buy, like mp3s, games, and movies. Using file sharing networks like Morpheous or Groakster or Limewire or Kaaza. Using these sites, criminals give away files that do not belong to them in order to bring down artist they hate, like Madonna.

Unfortunately, those who can not be stopped eventually turn to robbing liquor stores, selling crack, and committing hit and run homicides on innocent school children. They also end up in jail after a SWAT team raids their home and arrests them for Internet Piracy. Thanks to our Patriot Act and the Carnivore and Magic Lantern projects, the FBI can spy on their Internet activity and eventually bust them for crimes against the DMCA.

Some of them try to get around the law by only downloading open source software and media files. But these people are just supporting Communism as Communism tends to creep in with each open source software or open source media file being used as a Social Trojan Horse. The Democrats endorse open source, which is all the more reason to avoid it.

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