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The June, 2009 Torture Apologia chart.

batocchio, found at: Digby's Hullabaloo , a blog with no copyright.

The full text of the chart: We Did Not Torture

A. We did not torture because: 1. SERE training proves these techniques are not torture. 2. OLC memos say it isn't torture. 3. "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques" are not the same as torture. (Just look at the name, guys!) 4. These techniques do/did not cause permanent or lasting harm. 5. Psychologists said it was all right. 6. If you call it torture, you will have to prosecute (and you don't want to do that). 7. It's unpatriotic to say Bush officials authorized torture.

We Did Not Break the Law

B. What we did was legal because: 1. OLC memos say it isn't torture. a. They were sound legal positions. b. They were written in good faith. 2. There's no precedent for prosecuting such abuses. 3. American legal statutes are unclear on torture. 4. The Geneva Conventions: a. Define torture vaguely. b. Do not apply to these prisoners (nor do other legal protections). 5. Torture is in the eye of the beholder. 6. Psychologists said it was all right. 7. When the President does it, it's not illegal.

We Did Not Endanger the Country

C. What we did was necessary because: 1. We were panicked after 9/11. 2. There was an imminent threat (and only this would work). 3. There might have been an imminent threat. 4. The CIA requested these techniques. 5. We obtained key information that saved lives. 6. We obtained confessions necessary to justify a war. 7. Abuses at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo: a. Were the result of a few bad apples and not official policy. b. Should not be conflated with our "interrogation" of high-value prisoners. c. Did not radicalize insurgents who attacked American and coalition troops. 8. Bush kept the country safe.

We Were Not Reckless

D. We treated these prisoners decently, because: 1. Extreme techniques were only used when other methods didn't work. 2. This was an emergency (tick tick tick…). 3. Waterboarding was only used on three prisoners. 4. These methods were never used more than necessary. 5. These techniques do/did not cause permanent or lasting harm. 6. These were bad people who deserved far worse. (Why do you care?) 7. They don't observe the Geneva Conventions, why should we? 8. Guantanamo is like a holiday resort. 9. Reports? What reports? (Red Cross, Senate, JPRA, etc.)

We Were Not Immoral

E. Torture is not immoral because: 1. Torture is not inherently immoral. 2. It is immoral, but in special circumstances, it's necessary. 3. These people are not like us and do not deserve humane treatment. 4. Treating these bad people harshly or humanely does not: a. Dissuade their fellows from bad conduct. b. Affect our relationship with allied countries. c. Endanger our troops. 5. The prisoners aren't saying what we want them to say. 6. Torture is a kindness, giving prisoners an excuse to confess. 7. We needed to justify a war.

We Are Not Arrogant

F. Torture opponents are more sanctimonious than torture apologists because: 1. Remember 9/11. (9/11! 9/11!) 2. What we did was necessary. 3. What we did worked. 4. Torture "works" (in general). 5. Compared to rapport-building techniques, torture is: a. More effective (obtains information humane treatment will not). b. Quicker (it's an emergency). 6. The Constitution is not a suicide pact (civil liberties are a luxury). 7. They want the enemy to win and hate America. 8. All of the abused were guilty; all of the tortured were bad men.

We Should Not Be Held Accountable

G. Prosecutions (and/or investigations) would be bad because: 1. It would criminalize policy differences. 2. It would create a chilling effect on counsel. 3. It would infringe on the powers of the presidency. 4. Holding leaders accountable would: a. Create a bad precedent politically. b. Disgrace America. 5. It won't happen again. 6. The torturers have learned their lesson. 7. It would be divisive (Broder and Rove will be upset). 8. Both parties are (equally) culpable. 9. It will reveal our secrets to the enemy. 10. We're all going to die if you do! (And it'll all be Obama's fault)

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