Fiddy Cent
is a CELEBRITY! Oh. My. God.

Fiddy in the Sixties

Fiddy Cent (aka Curtis James Jackson III) is an American rapper of the African persuasion.

He is the father of at least one style of rap (that he knows of--hello!) and gets arrested at each and every one of his concerts, just to keep it real.

Gangsta LifeEdit

Mr.Cent began his crime life as early as 5 years old often skipping class and stealing the lunch money of many teachers. As a teen he claimed to have sold moon rocks to make a living. Where he got these moon rocks is still a mystery and it is believed he is in an alien gang known as the "O.M.s'" or Original Martians. Fiddy cent was shot nine times but survived. Was his survival a coincidence or work of the mysterious martian gang.

Thug LifeEdit

Has been known to inform the police on events related to the game. Also many of you may be wondering why there is a Gangsta Life Column and a Thug Life column however, they are two very differen't things.

Selling Out?Edit

Movie CareerEdit

  • Get Rich or Die Tryin'

The Hip-Hop War Of 2007Edit

Fiddy squared off against Bush-hater, Kanye West in a battle over the love America's black people.

Sadly, Mr. Cent was defeated after the market had spoken.

For the full gory details, click here.


He has recently released to the public that he is actually from Germany, which makes him Caucasian.

Steroid UseEdit

Mr. Cent has emphatically denied using steroids and has promised to bust, if not one, then several caps into the ass of anyone who perpetuates the lie.

Fifty Cent: The TwitterEdit

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