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Welcome to Gayville, population you.

Within the gay culture, certain words and phrases particular to the homosexual culture have been created so that those within the culture can communicate with each other in code. While certain phrases and words may have been created by the gays, some of this language has filtered into the mainstream American Culture and since the Democrats now control Congress, gay marriage will be imposed on all and "Feynglish" will become the national language and taught to America's school children.

Gay Words/Phrases Edit

  • Beard: A non-gay who is married to/dating a gay so that the community will think the gay is normal (See: Katie Holmes)
  • Bisexual: Gays who can't make up their mind (See: Choosing Hell)
  • Bottom/Catcher: The submissive personality in the sexual relationship (See: Bert)
  • Butch/Bulldyke: A lesbian who has masculine mannerisms and/or is physically similar to men in appearance (See: Rachel Maddow)
  • Fag Hag: Straight person who enjoys spending time with the gays (See: Non-Gay Democrats)
- This is considered a contradiction as there are no straight people who enjoy spending time with the gays, only undeclared gays who believe they are straight.
  • Liberace Gay: Someone whose gayness is so complete, the meter goes to 11 (See: Liberace)
  • Lipstick Lesbian: A hot lesbian, the only kind of gay that is acceptable: (See: All the chicks from The L Word)
  • Mangina/Ruby Starfruit: Gay male term for the sin hole
  • Manscaping When a man removes hair from his body to become smoother, either through shaving or waxing.
- This does not apply to the activity all heterosexual men go through every morning, shaving one's face with a Bowie knife.
  • Mary: An effeminate gay or straight man (See: Male Democrats)
  • Metro/Metrosexual: A "straight" man who watches Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and follows their tips (See: Gay)
  • Outed: An average non-famous gay who has been exposed for engaging in sinful homosexual acts (See: Your uncle, the one the family doesn't talk to anymore)
  • Santorum: The creamy foam that develops from anal sex as a result of friction, lubricant and Rick Santorum
  • The Closet: Where the gays hide to keep their filthy secret (See: Tom Cruise)
  • Top/Pitcher: The dominant personality in the sexual relationship (See: Ernie)
  • Twinkie/Twink: A firm and hairless young man (See: page or altar boys)

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