Festivus is a holiday created by Americans, and is celebrated 2 days before The Baby Jesus' birthday.


The Festivus PoleEdit

There is no tinsel on the Festivus Pole. We find it distracting. Ideally the pole should be made of polished aluminum. However, a Santa on a crucifix can also be used as a substitute pole for Festivus celebration.


Airing of GrievancesEdit

Always a favorite event, the Airing of Grievances is a great way of expressing pent-up fury over important things like leaving the toilet seat down, interrupting one's viewing of The Colbert Report, or making too much paella.

While not an official contest, victory is tacitly given to the person who makes the most people cry.

Feats of StrengthEdit

These can range from arm wrestling, to staring contests, to seeing who has the loudest belches. Ironically, one of the most popular challenges involves comparing odor strength of unwashed sweaty feet.


Oh No!
needs help fast!
Quick! Someone call the cavalry!

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