Federal Reserve is heretical
and makes The Baby Jesus jealous!
May it rot in the fires of his judgement!

Mushroom cloud
Federal Reserve
is a Plutonium-Level
Member of the
Reward Program®

The Federal Reserve (or "Fed") is a network of 12 Federal Reserve banks across America that was formed in 1913. A seven-member board of jews (there are currently two vacancies), run the place.

Heading the Fed is Chairman Ben S. Bernanke.

A seat is reserved for one member from the following groups:


This machine will
magically create money!

What Does The Fed Do?Edit

The Fed controls the flow of money.

When they feel there is too much money, they sell "government securities" scooping up the cash to hide in vaults along with diamonds.

When there isn't enough money, they simply print more.

Federal Reserve
is one of the things they don't want you to know about.

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