1. Anyone can nominate a page to be a Featured Word.
  2. Update Featured words every 3-7 days.
  3. Try to go in order of nomination, unless an article is particularly timely.
  4. In general, try not to award the same author multiple times in a row. Mix it in with others.
  5. Criteria for Featured Word status are up to the MC, but in general, don't be especially strict. This is a way for good short pages and authors to achieve front page status without the rigorous Featured Article process.

Nomination ProtocolEdit

  1. Nominations should be in order of nomination, earliest nominated at top.
  2. Watch the nomination page for new nominations.

Awarding ProtocolEdit

  1. Visit the nomination page and select the next page for featured status. You don't necessarily have to use one of the nominees from the list. It's probably best to mix it up. Pick topical stuff, pages from good users who might not have nominated, etc.
  2. Delete the nomination from the page (we aren't archiving).
  3. Go to the page and add the following template to the top: {{FWa|DATE}}
  4. Protect the new Featured Word Page.
  5. Go to the old Featured Word page. Unprotect.
  6. Add the new Featured Word to the Main Page.
  7. Go to the Featured Word Page and add newest Featured Word to the list.


  1. Visit the authors userpage and award them this userbox: {{WAWord|PAGENAME|DATE}}
  2. Go to the author's userpage and under a header like Congratulations, post about their win. You can use the {{FWtalk|PAGENAME|DATE}} to make it quicker. Sign your post.

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