Sound Advice

  1. add to Sound Advice (user will request this)
  2. make sure page is tagged "SA"
  3. must be on SA for at least one week before moving to "noms" Featured Word


  1. Tag article "fn" (featured nominee), de-tag "PR"
  2. protect page (block anon edits)
  3. add name to Talk:Featured Articles
    with name, "yes", "no", and "not yet" vote sections, time/date stamp and "signature"
  4. move "SA" tips/suggestions to Wikiality:Sound Advice/Archive sub-directory (don't let archives go over 20kb)

Feature of the Month


  1. tag article "fa" (featured article), de-tag "fn"
  2. protect page (sysop only)
  3. add article to Main Page
  4. add name to Featured Articles (sysop ONLY)
  5. award author with "fw" (featured writer))
  6. add author name to Honor Roll (sysop ONLY)
  7. move voting to Talk:Featured Articles/Winners
  8. delete voting for new entry from Talk:Featured Articles

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