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Ms. Angle, Senator Vitter, next time use for when reality is not as terrifying as you need it to be.
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~ Stephen Colbert
October 7, 2010 is a fear-base photo licensing service. It is a patriotic website designated on helping Real Americans to get their daily ration of fear.

Consult your pundit to determine your fear dosage. Results may vary[1].


Many Real Americans feel like they need fear in their lives but they lack the resources or the time to track down fearful pictures to remind them of what they are suppose to be afraid of[2]. will fright you back in shape, you may even learn new frightful discoveries.


  1. Prolong exposure to may produce seizures, delusional paranoia, irrational behavior, and violent tendencies. is not legally responsible of anything
  2. Prolong absence of fear will cause libural inquiries and the development of a rational analyzation of fear that will mutate into a form of immunity. Consult your pundit immediately if there is a lack of fear in your life.

Official TubesEdit


You can customize your photos
with our Fright-o-Tool options

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