Osama bin Lisa
Mahmoud Ahmedi-Fatties-nejad is a terrorist.
Fat people


Fatties are people with low self esteem who weren't loved when they were children. Fatties eat massive amounts of food (like twinkies, fried chicken, cartons of gravy, sausages, deep fried oil, and other unhealthy FattyMcFatFat foods) for comfort, which makes them fatter, and therefore both bad for the inviromint thing [1] subjects for amusement. Stephen Colbert was never a fatty, because he was always loved... and can bench-press 800 pounds. (That's like, a billion kilograms for you commies out there.)

Be nice to them like this guy.[2]

Fat women need love to and are known to go crazy and attack cars without it.[3]

E E Bell

Al Bundy's fat friend, Bob

Notable Fatties Include Edit


User Name: HardBodyStud4U
You meet the nicest people at

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