The Holy Trinity of Fast Food… I am not worthy!


Now with more diarrhea!

Food Mascot Fighter Desktop by TriggerHappyWTF

Thanks to the free-market, Real Americans have a lot of variety in their food choice. Which is why these companies hold death matches competitions for the heart and soul of America!

Everything's fast when it comes to fast food! It's prepared fast, you eat it fast, and it passes through your system very fast![1] Why? Because Americans don't have time to dawdle when it comes to eating[2].

Famous Fast food franchises Edit

  • McDonalds: The apostrophe isn't the only thing missing - just ask the clown about his sanity.
  • Burger King: home of the creepy manic depressive plastic giant.

The Taco Bell dog needs his fix of tacos now!!

  • Wendy's: a Feminazi who thinks she makes better burgers than the rest of the guys.
  • KFC: home of The South and Fried Chicken. There is no truth that the Colonel had slaves, that's a vegan-liberal lie!
  • Little Caesar's: He was killed by Little Brutus'.
  • Taco Bell: anyone for a tiny Mexican dog taco?
  • Colbertaco: putting the rant in immigrant.
America has spoken, they would rather eat a B-Hole and an A-Hole…

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Footnotes Edit

  1. Would you like your lower intestines with that, sir?
  2. Unless they happen to be those rich, conniving liberals.

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