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Farynieth was the Dungeons and Dragons character played by Stephen Colbert during his formative years. A 21st level lawful-good paladin [1], Faerynaeth was tragically killed during his search for Tenzer, Wizard of the Circle of Light. En route from the Sheldumar Valley to the Philronian Peninsula, he was cornered by a Displacer Beast and a Mind Flayer, and he failed his save versus psionic attack. Unfortunately, he was already low on hit points from a battle with a beholder beast and the cleric of the party, Bilbo Goldman, played by John Stewart, could not cast a healing spell as he had already spent all his magic points trying to cast charm spells on Halle Berry. All in all, it was a sad day in Badabaskor.

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  1. Yes, that is redundant!
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