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has its own tube of the internets.

Don't clog it!!! is an internets tube that helps Americans review the news of the day without becoming informed.

fark's Influence on AmericaEdit

  • owns the term "NSFW"
  • licenses UFIA to America's fraternities
  • provides porn to working people too smart for 4chan
  • Tina Brown stole the idea for The Daily Beast from fark
  • even with thousands of brains, you only need a few that will work[1]

fark CelebritiesEdit

  • Rugby Jock, JesterGirl
  • Toshiro Mifune's Letter Opener
  • Wil Wheaton
  • Tatsuma
  • Drew Something-or-other
  • OOBE Juan Kenobi

Things fark Has Taught Internets-AmericansEdit

  • never post your picture into the internets; you don't want to see what farkers will do with it

External TubeEdit

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