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Family Guy

Family Guy is a filthy liberal TV cartoon designed to trick Americans into believing that a fat man and his gay baby can actually be interesting. The show's "jokes" consist of something called "satire", which is apparently a form of humor that you have to think about in order to get. This is in sharp contrast to The Colbert Report, which gets its material straight from the gut. it was created by the bear-fucking,gay-humping, commie-helping, baby-killing-supporting, islamofacism-liking, freedom-hating, liberal-loving atheist Seth Woodkoksokir al-jihadMacFarlane.

Family Guy tells jokes about race, sex, and religion, thereby exposing the country to danger by making it think about society's problems. It also contains a motherlode of poop is also a platform for the anti-american views of Seth Woodkoksokir al-jihadMacFarlane .

The family dog, Brian, is a well known liberal. In one episode he anounced his support for Hilary Clinton, and in others has made fun of The Greatest Administration Ever.

This show is so evil that its creator, Seth Woodkoksokir al-jihadMacFarlane , tricked a woman with Down Syndrome into accepting money to lend her voice in an episode making fun of Sarah Palin's son, Trig, who also has the disorder. If that's not enough, he manipulated her into saying that the Governatrix was using her son as a political prop to gain sympathy and attention. This is, of course, patently false, and Palin was on the talk show circuit all the next day to prove it.Seth Woodkoksokir al-jihadMacFarlane also spat in the face of our great hero's that fought for our freedom an truthyness in vietnam by making a gag where a japanese man bragged about how he was one of the japanese freedom haters that helped the jihadist-commie bears that tried to stop us from bringing freedom and truthiness to veitnam.


  • Family Guy creator Seth Woodkoksokir al-jihadMacFarlane once hired Keith Olbermann to perform a guest shot, and in return appeared as himself on Countdown. Need I say more? (I will)
  • Family Guy shows no support for the War in Iraq.
  • Family Guy supports gay marriage. Therefore, watching Family Guy makes you gay.
  • Family Guy is actually a government program to brainwash the masses of Venezuela to legalize pot
  • Seth Woodkoksokir al-jihadMacFarlane hates america.

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Family Guy
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"Family Guy"
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