The Fame Pyramid: a useful anthropological tool.


The Fame Pyramid, as it is known by anthropologists, is a hierarchy of super famous people. It is most useful in determining who you should give up your WristStrong Bracelet to. The pyramid is divided into three tiers:

The Base: NewsmenEdit

Classically, the base is made up of newsmen. Bill O'Reilly, Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Matt Lauer were given WristStrong Bracelets by Stephen, and thanks to the heroes, Neil Cavuto and Larry King are wristing-up as well.

The Next Tier: Entertainment EliteEdit

This tier consists of Hollywood-types who, even though most of them are Godless liberals, can still help spread wrist awareness. Movie stars are considered more famous than TV stars. The smoking hot Adrien Grenier is championing the cause, and thanks to friend of the show Judd Apatow, so are Seth Rogen and Charlie Watts.

The Top Tier: Presidents of the United StatesEdit

Even former Democrat Presidents are famous (for helping to destroy America). We don't have confirmation that President Clinton has actually worn a bracelet, but Stephen is adding his name to the storied list of people who can proudly say, "President Clinton touched it."

Fame Pyramid
is a CELEBRITY! Oh. My. God.

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