Recognized Seasons
on America's Planet

How it Began Edit

It all started when the trees started noticing that they were getting cut down far too often. So, since the trees aren't that smart they started to shed their leaves in order to annoy us humans. We have to rake up the leaves and such. The trees have somewhat suceeded by making a couple cars swerve off the road when driving over too many leaves. But people still cut down trees alot but the enviromentalists(who are really very old trees in disguise) sometimes protest and prevent some trees from dieing.

What about pines? Edit

Well the reason pine trees don't mind being cut down is because they get to turn into beautiful Christmas trees. They actually like it so they all grow together in straight lines until someone finds them and calls it a farm.

The Future for trees Edit

In the very near future the trees will start to learn how to use their root to walk and they will take over the world. With help from the bears the trees will slowly conquer all of the small towns and make their way into the big cities. When this happens the trees will enslave us and build everything from us to show us what it feels like. In the many decades after that we humans will slowly turn into trees and the trees will turn into humans.

How long has this been going on? Edit

This process of the mutation of trees to humans and humans to trees has been going on, on America's Planet for many thousands of years, with the switch every couple of years. The reason most people don't know this is because our memories get erased after the mutation. Most scientists now believe that within the next few decades we will turn into tree-human hybrids being called trumans(True-Mans). This was Gods will all along and when this transformation is finally complete the will be peace and harmony here on America's Planet and there will be an unlimited supply of natural resources.

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