Allahu Snackbar!!!
Try our Suicide Bomber Jalapeno Special! Only 4.95 with falafel side and fountain drink!



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Falafel was voted The Sexiest Food Known to Woman in 2003, 2004 and 2005 (overtaken by tinned asparagus in July, 2006).

Its aphrodisiac qualities combined with its subtle resemblance to testicles make it everyone's favorite night in. For these reasons, Falafel salesmen have recently created the all new slogan "Falafel me Bill!" (in honor of Bill O'Reilly to replace their more tame "Got Falafel?").

The success in Falafel sales increase due to this slogan change is inevitable.

The Death To America FalafelEdit

The Arab nations' answer to Freedom Fries. It is a falafel wrapped in an American flag and set on fire. The sight of a burning flag helps enhance the falafel's aphrodisiacal properties for Islamofascists (also known as Arabs, Iraqis, Sunnis, Shiites, and Muslims). Stephen Colbert believes that America should not change the name of Freedom Fries until the Arabs change the name of the Death to America Falafel.

Corrupting Our TroopsEdit

Ever since our troops invaded liberated the mooslims, the Islamofacists have been trying to brainwash our troops to convert them into Islam by feeding them Falafels. It is rumored that thousands of Arab street-food vendors live like kings among their own, because American Troops pay big money for decent munchies... mooslim food. We have succeeded in teaching the mooslims how to use the power of the free market, but now they have all of our monies and all we have are falafels... perhaps we taught them too well.

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