The hottest FLILF ever.

FLILF (acronym)

It stands for "First Lady I'd like to ... take out for a romantic dinner and court for three years before proposing".

FLILF is a relatively new phenomenon that has recently come up in the 2008 election. Before, the first-ladies-to-be were not so attractive so nobody really spoke about them. But this time, with Elizabeth Kucinich, Jeri Thompson, Ann Romney and and other "hot mommas" on the ballot their husband's side, more and more FLILFs are discovered. This time, the candidate's wives could decide the race!

Of course, Stephen has had them all!

Undoubtedly the most attractive of all FLILFs is Presidential Candidate Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.'s wife, Tr-cy G-ll-w-y Colbert.

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