is part of's series on Socialistic, America-hating Ideas!

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is part of the socialist plot to Communistasize America's free market.

History Of The FDICEdit

How the FDIC WorksEdit

Bank customers deposit money into banks. The banks pay their shareholders and CEOs. Lobbyists distract Congress with hookers and blow while the banks fail to pay into the system for 10 years.

When America elects a muslin, the dollar tanks and banks no longer have money. The government is forced to bail them out.

Later, mortgage-owners are foreclosed on when the banks call in the loans and people are unable to pay off the loans because they failed to keep their jobs leaving them with no money because banks aren't providing credit to other industries, which are laying people off by the millions. The only people this doesn't work on are sheriffs and U.S. Marshalls; they will always have work.

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