As America's elite most awesomerist police force, the FBI is charged with keeping America safe!

Part of their duty to keeping America safe, the FBI has to know who they are going after. And this is why they created the Most Wanted List.

The list is posted in every United States Post Office, so that every American can know who is a criminal.

The posted list includes a photo of the terrorist, along with pertinent information:

  1. birth name, Islamic name and Christian aliase(s)
  2. weight, height, eye color, hair color (if any), beard length
  3. tattoos or body piercings, turbans
  4. details regarding terrorist acts committed, or planned

Below is the current list of known terrorists on the lam:

Most WantedEdit

  1. Sandy Berger
  2. William Jefferson
  3. Michael Moore
  4. Abdul Rehman Jinnah
  5. Osama bin Laden (although they spell it Usama)
  6. JoHn Stewart
  7. Canadians
  8. Hitler (even though he is dead, he's that good)

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