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is part of the United States Federal Government.
Don't ask; asking only helps the terrorists.


We can see you…

America's besterist law enforcement agency.

History of the FBIEdit

Fbi teleufo

Further proof that the Alien-bear invasion is fast approaching…

  • 1492: FBI founded by demons in order to fight alien bears.

Organizational StructureEdit

Who The FBI Can InvestigateEdit


These two FBI Agents will make sure that the terrorists will confess to anything…

  • just about anyone, jurisdiction can be negotiated

Who The FBI Cannot InvestigateEdit

Influence on America's FreedomsEdit

Has prevented the invasion of illegal space martians from entering our world and stealing our jobs. Has influenced more people to sit in front of their televisions for longer because of their propaganda shows such as C.S.I. Miami and Law and Order.

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