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Exit 57

Exit 57 was either the fourth greatest show ever or a terrible, evil product of Hollywood that promoted gay-loving in basements, incest, disrespect for parents, bad medical practices, dancing muchachos, asinine pool players, queer roofers, crushing on convenience store robbers, hitting Stephen in the eye with a paper airplane, and leaving Paul Dinello for Jesus.

No woman one in her right mind would leave Paul Dinello for Jesus.

The cast of Exit 57 included Stephen Colbert Kevin Spacey, Amy Sedaris, Paul Dinello, Mitch Rouse, and Jodi Lennon. It ran on Comedy Central for two seasons in 1995 and 1996, and won five Cable Ace Awards. The awards didn't keep Comedy Central from putting the show to a premature death.

Old episodes of Exit 57 cannot be found on VHS, DVD, or in any other genuinely watchable format. They do, however, flourish on The YouTube.

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