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The Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency is not an official member of the President's Cabinet, but is a "Cabinet Rank Member." This means he gets to tell the Secretaries to get him coffee, but doesn't have to serve anyone but the President himself. Technically, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency could potentially be a "herself," but in reality, he's not.

Of the sixteen Administrators the EPA has had since its inception in 1970, four of them have been women, making this the girliest of all Cabinet Rank Positions. But under the manly tutelage of The Greatest President Ever, current EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson has been working hard to butch up the position. Johnson is particularly concerned not to repeat the girly mistakes of his oh-so-girlified predecessor Christine Todd Whitman, who not only blamed Vice President Cheney for making her want to spend more time with her family, but also admitted to Congress that she had not been entirely forthcoming about the air quality around Ground Zero after Nine-Eleven. Well, sort of admitted. She's girly, but she's still a Republican, after all!

But a good Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency knows they need to put all questions of "guilt" and "innocence" aside and simply fulfill their function as the head of an agency whose primary function is to repeat the President's current line on the environmental issues of the day.


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