White House
Executive/Cabinet Rank Members/BOO
is the cabinet post or job
of the United States of America

The Presidential Scare Monger is also sometimes referred to as the Director of National Intelligence or "DNI". This job includes what used to be called the "DCI" or "Director of Central Intelligence" or "Boss of the CIA". Now, though, we expect a lot more scare-mongering for our collective national buck, so the job also includes heading up the National Security Council and the Homeland Security Council for national security related intelligence, overseeing the National Intelligence Program, and heading up the Intelligence Community. Pretty much all of these are different ways of saying that if you have an "Intelligence" related job, The DNI is now the boss of you.

Currently filling this position is the oh-so-frightening Vice Admiral Mike McConnell. Try not to run into him in a dark alley. Seriously. Code red.

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