White House
is the cabinet post or job
of the United States of America

The State Department


Dr. Rice smiling for freedom

Hillary Attacks

Clinton ready to devour freedom and American children.

The department that serves up American foreign policy pie "democrazy" worldwide, under The Greatest President Ever, the secretary was Dr. Condoleeza Rice, who played the piano and is always seen smiling.

Now, under The Secret Muslim, America's secretary of state is Hillary Clinton, who has fat ankles and scares children when she smiles.

Bureaus Edit

  • East Asia Bureau: this is the section responsible for getting staff fresh sushi for Friday's lunch
  • Middle East Bureau: this section has the least amount of work to do cuz the Department of Defense has the big fucking guns
  • Central and South America Bureau: the desks in this department got chopped up and burned for firewood after Ecuador decided to close down the US military base there
  • Education and Culture Bureau: this section is responsible for telling the rest of the world that America is peace-loving and cherishes freedom, and if you don't believe it we'll bomb the shit out of your country
  • Embassies and Consuls: this section ensures that when American businessmen go abroad that they can rely on their embassy to provide the leverage to get that business deal. All you other citizens can suck it.

State Department Trivia Edit

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