The Defenders of America are at it again doing the dirty work in America's Culture War by reporting the latest developments in the turf battle between members of America's Sexuality and The Gay. (See: The Homosexual Agenda)

Now no we all know the best Americans don't need any help with this but even the best Americans are sensitive enough(when their moms are watching)to admit that not everyone has the fortitude of gut to say no to stuff that is, hate to say it, "gay". For those of you pussies among us who just cant stay away from gay shit, the best Americans have compiled a list so you may know what behaviors and affiliations we now "officially" consider Ameri-socially-acceptable(mainly because more and more of our kids are getting into this stuff so we are forced to degayify it before they start to get funny gay/commie ideas) and those which may spell social embarrassment, or worse Ameri-clique expulsion, or even worse... Inadvertent Gaybecomification

Ex-Gay (not to be confused with the medical term Ex-Gay)Edit

  • Men wearing eyeliner (see: emo kids)
  • The music of Prince
  • The music of Cameo
  • Bro-Hugs
  • Feelings(as long as you don't cry)
  • Purse/Fannypack
  • 70's style apparel
  • The 70's

Still GayEdit

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