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Evidence is what factonistas claim is needed to prove something to be true. Naturally, they do not use their guts, so whatever they say is totally bogus.

Types of EvidenceEdit

Evidence can come in many forms. For liberals and their spawn, evidence often comes from books. For Real Americans, this can be confusing, so we here at provide this comparison chart to show the difference between American Evidence and Liberal Lies. A quick glance at the chart shows the horrifying crimes liberals are playing with our guts.

Why do liberals hate America?

Evidence Comparison Chart
investigative reporting press releases published verbatim in the New York Times
signed affidavits Sunday Morning Talk Shows
sworn testimony press conferences
un-shredded memos leaked talking points
eye-witness accounts from "whistle-blowers" under oath before Congress the word of a paid friend/business partner visiting with Congress
action talk
talk support our troops
donating money from rich supporters to a charity you personally started and are director of as way to show support for the troops sending your own kids or going yourself to the front lines of a war you support

is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.

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