A BBC reporter tried to do an investigative report on The Church of $cientology, but wound up showing the world how ridiculous reporters are.

This reporter (who cares what his name is) began shouting indecypherable rantings until a member of the church was able to vacuum up all the thetans tossed about.

Many people want to know about $cientology, but aren't sure how to broach the subject. This special page has been set up for people to ask questions about $cientology. A member of the church will scan your IP address for engrams, your bank account for a sufficient balance and your family history for unchecked mental illnesses.


Post Questions BelowEdit

  • Did the Douglas DC-8 airliners Xenu used to transfer damned souls to primevil Earth have little TVs in the back of the chairs?
  • As Xenu and Ming the Merciless are clearly one and the same, does that make Flash Gordon a psychiatrist?
"Everything You Always Wanted To Know About $cientology, Without The Yelling"
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