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Evergreen Defense & Security Services
is a proud and perfect
reflection of the Republican Party.
Evergreen Defense & Security Services
has been granted full United States "citizenship"
for their donation to Republican causes.
America thanks you, Evergreen Defense & Security Services

Evergreen Defense & Security Services is an up-and-coming patriotic company working to protect America from terrorists.


To provide highly trained private security contractors and civilian peacekeepers to ensure the God-given American rights to all Americans.


Our services prescribed in our mission statement is limited to Americans only. However, we are in 180 nations, but we do not guarantee God-given American rights to the filthy locals.

Security ServicesEdit

  • Convoy Security
  • Personal Security Detail (PSD)
  • Facility Security
  • VIP Transport
  • Quick Reaction Force (QRF)
  • Full Spectrum Security Training
  • Vehicle & Personnel Inspection
  • UAV surveillance
  • Entry Control
  • Site Patrol
  • Mounted Patrol
  • Alarm Response
  • Investigations

Training ServicesEdit

  • Defensive Driving (Drive & Shoot)
  • Defensive Tactics (Hand-to-Hand)
  • LZ-DZ
  • Pistol Range
  • 120 Degree Coliseum
  • Urban & Rural Terrain

Training Support ServicesEdit

  • Lodging
  • Dining
  • Classrooms
  • Gym/Pool
  • Barber Shop
  • Laundry Facility

Parent Company, Evergreen International Aviation, Inc.Edit

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