Despite what you may have heard
Eva Herman
Is totally not racist!
Josh purse medium
Eva Herman
drives on the wrong side of the road, and carries a man purse.
Must be European.
Eva Herman
is a Proud Republican Goddess
God Bless America
DBB bockbier
Eva Herman

ist Deutsch, und hat eine bessere Bier als wir.

Es ist Bier braucht nicht bearbeitet, aber ich denke, man sollte alles ändern.

Eva Herman is happy that she was set free from television and can now finally work on her home and family.

Eva Herman (nee Braun) is a devoted wife and mother who longs for the good old days when women were property cherished and people of all religious faiths were given the opportunity to find Jesus.

Fights for the American way of life on foreign territory (mainly Germany). Famous for her strong stands on family values, women's rights and career women vs. housewives.

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Nazi family politics were not so bad. The women got to stay at home and just live for the pleasure of their husband. Also concentration camps were not so bad, at least they got to shower every once in a while.
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~ American Eva

She took a lot of beating from the Terro-liberal communist non-American media in Germany for fighting for the truth.

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I hosted several TV shows and wrote two books, but I wish I could have just stayed at home to clean and cook. My wimpy husband just did not let me.
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~ American Eva

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