Al Franken
Erwin Chemerinsky has earned

Erwin (right) confers with a client (left) early in his career

Erwin Chemerinsky is a bleeding heart liberal communist, dedicated to poisoning every American child with his mamby-pamby ideas.

Somehow he was in the running to be the Dean of the University of California at Irvine's new law school, until they discovered how close he is to Nancy Pelosi.

His name was immediately withdrawn, his phone tapped and an entire squadron of FBI agents have been charged with watching his every move. When it becomes necessary, Mr. Chemerinsky will taken aboard a Blackwater plane to visit a random foreign country for questioning.

Edwin's EducationEdit

Elron's CareerEdit

  • 21 years as law professor at USC
  • 3 or so years at Duke, which sucks
  • nothing at UC Irvine...psyche!

Update UC IrvineEdit

Apparently, he cried and whined until the Anteaters consented to give him the job back just to shut him up.


  • Federal Jurisdiction a one volume treatise on how activist judges exploit the federal courts
  • Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies a one volume treatise on how bleeding-heart liberals twist constitutional law
  • Constitutional Law a casebook featuring the most blatant abuses of tort law in history
  • Interpreting the Constitution a 500-volume treatise on how liberals misinterpret God's law

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