Environmental Disasters
is one of the things they don't want you to know about.

"Environmental Disasters" are hoaxes staged by communists in collusion with the liberal media, in order to trick gullible Americans into allowing them to waste millions of tax payers' dollars on fraudulent "cleanup" efforts. Until recently, the elaborate nature of staging a so-called "environmental disaster" meant that they could not "happen" on too frequent a basis. While less costly than staging a "Moon Landing" or a "coup d'etat", an environmental disaster could still take several years to complete from the pre-production phase through its release and post-production "cleanup" fraud efforts.

In recent years, however, the popularity, ease of use, and rapidity of distribution that digital media have produced have also meant that "environmental disasters" are much easier to stage. As a result, the American public has faced what could almost be considered a glut in the environmental disasters market. Some wonder whether the market can actually sustain such an increase in production, or whether supply will outpace demand before the next cleanup can be completed.

As a tribute to some of the "old school" disasters that are rapidly being forgotten in today's digital media disaster market, this page offers a look back at some of the best staged classic environmental disasters of the last century. Some of these are famous, household name disasters that none of us are every likely to forget. Others are "sleepers," that should have gotten more attention for their fantastic extravagance during their own time but got overshadowed for various reasons. But all are bona fide fake disasters of the grandest scale, sure to give little kids nightmares and send treehuggers up a tree for years to come.

The World's First Nuculer Meltdown!Edit

(See notes on Rocketdyne)

Love CanalEdit

Buffalo Creek FloodEdit

Bhopal ExplosionEdit


Martin County Sludge SpillEdit

Exxon ValdezEdit


April 5, 1989

Minor court issues prevent this from being called what it is - a trickle. Instead, thanks to The Liberal Media and courts of "justice", Exxon is unable to focus on its record profits.

Sydney Tar PondsEdit

The Cuyahoga River Fire of 1969Edit

Black Forest's Acid Rain BathEdit

Pink Clouds of UtahEdit

London's Yellow FogEdit

The Incredible Shrinking Coral Reef of BelizeEdit



(notes: Jared Diamond)

China's Filthy, Filthy SoilEdit

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Soil pollution imperils food production

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Environmental Disasters
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