The Baby Satan has a special place in hell for
Enemy of Freedom
and YOU just for visiting this internets tube!

An Enemy of Freedom is any person or entity that objects to the military spreading of Freedom and Freedom Fries by America and the Heroes of America (ie: George W. Bush). The Enemies of Freedom can be simply lumped into two classes: the Anarchists (with the majority being and currently led by the Terrorists), and the Totalitarians (with the majority being and currently led by the Communists). The simplest method to distinguish them with acceptable accuracy is that the former originates from hot places and the latter originates from cold places. A more complicated method, as used by the god-chosen 43rd President of the United States, is that the former are of a False God and the latter are of a Godless Bears.


The Pope of America's Enemies of Freedom™

History Edit

The history of the enemies of freedom is forever filled with new rise of new enemies. In fighting those enemies, interesting temporary alliance are formed with other enemies of freedom.

20th Century Edit

In early 20th century, with the rise of Nazism (Totalitarian Class) in Germany, as the dominant enemy of freedom, alliance are formed with Russia/Soviet Union to form a pincer attack. Later on, with the rise of Communism (Totalitarian class) in Russia/Soviet Union, as the dominant enemy of freedom, weapons are given to the Afghanistan/Taliban and Iraq/Saddam Hussein to assist in fighting against the godless enemy.

21st Century Edit

In early 21st century, with the rise of Terrorism (Anarchist class) in Afghanistan/Taliban and Iraq/Saddam Hussein, alliance are formed with eastern European Socialist to capture and interrogate suspected terrorist and alliance are formed with Environmental Greenians to develop Green technology to stop the addiction of Terrorist Oil. Also to fight with the rise of Rogue States (Anarchist Class) like North Korea, diplomat has been dispatched to Communist China to ask for their help.

Future Edit

It is predicted that the Environmental Greenians will become one of a new Enemy of Freedom as part of the Totalitarian Class, becuase the current alliance with the Environmental Greenians will unfortunately strength their desire to take away the freedom of the market economy.

Anarchist Class Edit


Bear Lover and Competitor to Stephen's Throne

Totalitarian Class Edit

See Also Edit

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