I fear what I don't understand, and I don't understand this.
Be less random and more truthy--use your gut.

End of time is when time ceases to exist. Various hot dog vendors postulate that this has happened at least once already. Its not known how this could have happened, or how if it did happen, why my watch still works.

Cause of the End of TimeEdit

The end of time will occur (or has occurred) when God decides decides to finally unleash His mighty wrath upon the gays and other sinners on this earth. Given the rate of the expansion of atheism, liberalism,and other heresy, this will likely occur very soon. After The Rapture, Creation will be reduced to the charred carcasses of those left behind (After this, the role of the hot dog vendors will be made clear). Time will then no longer be needed and God will throw it away along with Mars and some other furniture he no longer has room for.


it is said that one can cause the End of Time Effect if one lets out a fart, coughs, sneezes, and cries all at the same time. The scientific formula for this is EoT=(Fart+Cough+Sneeze+Tears)/Time, where Time cannot be equal to T2. If this happens to you, do not panic. Time has not actually stopped, it merely seems like due to the cataclysmic convulsion your body has just experienced.

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